Komotion Studios lean team of versatile artists in Nigeria have been neck deep in the lab working on Dawn of Thunder. They come from different backgrounds and we are proud of their immense growth.



I am Moses Johnson Ibekwe, a 3d generalist with 5 years of experience. I am currently the team lead at Komotion Studios on the Dawn of Thunder project.

I initially started my creative career with architectural visualisation using AutoCAD and later advanced to 3ds Max where I refined my modelling skills.

After a diploma degree in agricultural engineering I took up videography briefly and then  learned web design to add to my skills.

Over the years working with Komotion I’ve learned to use softwares like 3ds max, substance painter, Maya, motion builder, blender and more to create 3d animations, models, characters, interior designs and general 3D art.


My name is Michael Akachi Eneje. I was born and bred in Lagos Nigeria, my state of origin is Enugu State within Nsukka Local Government to be precise.

I am a storyteller who loves expressing my stories through animated contents, written or spoken prose, drama or poetry, theatre performance including pantomime, live action short films and various forms of traditional art.

My areas of expertise include but are not limited to story writing, stylized digital sculpting, video editing, traditional 3d animation, 2d vector animation, visual effects, directing and motion capture data management.

I joined Komotion Studios in March/April 2019, about five months after graduating from the university. It was my first official job after finishing school and it has been a great learning experience for me.

Meeting other creatives who are passionate about CG with varying skills and talents, it created an environment for me to advance my skills, learn from my colleagues and superiors and also created a healthy competition which pushed me to strive to be the best version of myself.

I have picked up a lot in my time at Komotion, especially attention to detail and the ability to stretch myself enough to learn, accommodate and master new software and tools within a short timeframe and still bring out the best result.


My name is Joel Innocent and I was born in Kaduna State Nigeria. I am a 2D/3D Artist with a background in traditional art style.

I have a National Certificate in Education in Special Needs Education but my digital art and animation journey started in 2017 back in Kaduna state; I then moved to Lagos in 2018 to work with an animation studio.

In April 2019, I joined Komotion Studios with their exciting project, Dawn of Thunder which I had longed to be a part of. It was an eye opening and very challenging experience for me working on the project with Komotion Studios.

On my journey so far, I have literally touched on almost all aspects of an animation production pipeline from pre production, production and post production which has made me versatile with a lot of industry workflow.

On the side I also acquired additional skills in American sign language and spend my free time singing and playing the guitar.


My name is Tosin Medessou and I am a 3d generalist.

I started my 3d animation career a few years before joining Komotion but I wasn’t so confident in my skillset or what area of the pipeline I would love to specialize in.

When I joined Komotion, I was exposed to a lot of new tools, advanced workflows and useful skills. Dawn of thunder was the project at Komotion that built my skillset, pushed me to the limit and made me a more experienced artist.

Today I can confidently say I am well rounded on industry standard animation production pipelines.


My name is Omole Olaitan, I was born in Portharcourt, Rivers state. I have a Bsc in computer science from Wesley University Ondo. 

My journey into digital arts started way back in 2015 with the use of After effects for promotional videos and Logo intros. I then moved to Lagos in 2019 to get a certificate in video editing at Orange VFX studios.

I got the opportunity to join Komotion studios to work on an animated feature movie Dawn of thunder as a 3D generalist.  

While at Komotion studios I gained knowledge in Motion capture clean up, Facial cleanup, Animation, Modeling and much more.

Working at Komotion studios (on the project Dawn of thunder) has been an eye opener for me, a very challenging experience and also pushed me further in my quest to be better in the 3D space. 


My Name is Paul Bakare, I was born in Benue State, Nigeria. I am a 3D generalist and Animator

I have a Bsc in Computer science and joined Komotion studios as an intern in May 2019. From my experience so far my area of expertise ranges from 3D animation and Modeling, Product design and animation, prop modeling and texturing, video editing, graphics design and environment design.
I have been a part of the Dawn of thunder project at first as an intern and now as part of the official team for komotion studios. This has given me more exposure on Motion capture technologies and industry level experience in the CG content creation.

I’m currently proficient in Maya, Blender, Premiere pro, After effects, Photoshop, Substance Painter, Marvelous designer,and Motion builder.

tolulope adesanya

My name is Adesanya Tolulope Anthony, born in Lagos State Nigeria, I am a 3D Generalist specializing in Digital Sculpting.

My digital art and animation journey started in 2018 back when i was in school studying mechanical engineering. 

I joined Komotion Studios to work on their exciting project, Dawn of Thunder which i had longed to be a part of.

It was an eye opening and very challenging experience for me working on the project with Komotion Studios.

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