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We are a dynamic global content creation company. Specializing in creative storytelling and disruptive content using Motion Capture, Real-time rendering, Cinematography, Visual effects and Immersive Technology.


Animated Productions

With our strength in creative storytelling, Real-time Rendering and utilizing our proprietary pipelines, we execute animated content from concept to final output in our signature styles.

Visual Effects

We have years of experience in Live action Visual effects and offer World-Class VFX supervision and production for Movies, commercials, music-videos among others.

Motion Capture

We have extensive experience in most forms of motion and performance capture using Perception Neuron, Vicon and Dynamixyz range of equipment and tools.

CGI and 3D Visualization

Photorealistic Computer Graphic Imagery is our strong suit and we utilize this to replicate organic and Inorganic objects for use in VFX and 3D motion Graphics.

Immersive Experiences

With our love for technology, we are always following new tech trends and exploring new ways of content creation. Our years of experience in Extended Reality gives us freedom to explore future proof ways of creativity with VR AR and MR

Commercials and Documentaries

We create commercials and documentaries catered to specific brands and touching on interesting topics that grab the attention of viewers and pass on compelling messages.