KOMOTION STUDIOS is an integrated creative production company with a core mission to provide disruptive content and solutions that breaks new ground.
Our services cover areas of Concept development, Design, 2D & 3D animation, 3d visualization, Video Editing, Full service production, Motion graphics, Visual effects, Animation, Architectural visualization, Virtual Reality content production and much more.
By pushing boundaries and applying creative skills across various mediums, KOMOTION STUDIOS delivers unique solutions for a broad range of industries not limited to advertising, broadcast, retail, film and entertainment . Armed with discipline and creative precision, KOMOTION STUDIOS produces work that is innovative and diverse… from concept to delivery.
Our wealth of expertise and comprehensive solutions, pave the way for even greater in-house media content and productions.

Why choose us

In a sea of production houses, here are a few reasons
KOMOTION STUDIOS should be your preferred option:

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Our experience

Concept Development - 15 years
Advertising - 8 years
Design - 15 years
3D Visualization - 15 years
Motion Graphics - 12 years
2D/3D Animation - 12 years
Video Production - 10 years
Music Production - 10 years
Visual Effects- 6 years
Virtual Reality - 2 years



Kolawole Olarewaju

Founder /Chief Executive Officer

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Seasoned and versatile Producer, Art director, Writer, 3D artist, Motion graphic artist, Animator, Visual effects artist, Marketing communications professional and Media content provider, with 15yrs professional and industry experience. Having worked at a world class advertising agency for 8 years, he founded KOMOTION STUDIOS with a vision of creating a locally based production house, which strives to generate unique, entertaining and impactful content with universal relevance and of international standards.

Kolawole has molded the company over the years to be a world class creator of a variety of media content ranging from TV commercials, Animations, Documentaries, Virtual Reality and other forms of new media.

He put together a team to produce Komotion Studios first animated short in 2017 which garnered a lot of local and International recognition, and its on its way to become African first Indigenous Animated movie using Performance capture.


Regina Olarewaju

Co-founder / Producer

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Regina Co-founded the company and serves as the Chief Operating Officer and producer.

Strategic planner and  Branding expert with over 7years of experience working with International Organizations such as UNICEF, EU, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, WaterAid UK and a host of others.

She has led the team to produce its first animated short in 2017 which garnered a lot of local and International recognition. Regina leads our production team in delivering TV commercials, documentaries and virtual reality content. She has been feature in a number of newspaper articles for her strides as a female in the Tech space.

She is currently the first female in Africa to produce a feature length performance

capture movie- Dawn of Thunder.


Tosin Akinwoye

Visual Effects Technical Director

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Tosin is an Effects Technical Director, involved in the creation of visual effects for various feature films for the US and UK markets. Some of his film projects being Thor: The Dark World,Godzilla, Jupiter Ascending and most recently Interstellar. His concern for a lack of proper production practices in Nigeria compelled him to join forces with KOMOTION STUDIOS to assist in its mission of eventually kickstarting a professional CG and Visual effects industry in this part of the world.


Osarumen Osamuyi

Musical Houdini

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Osarumen is an experimental sound Designer, Max/MSP developer, and virtual reality skepthusiast (skeptic + enthusiast). He’s a multilayered intelligent being and when he’s not composing an earth shattering film score, he’s engrossed in his thoughts on how to conquer the world with mind.


Sodienye Kurubo

Conceptual Writer

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A communications consultant and creative writer for new media as well as the screen, radio, and print. He thrives on creative, multi-disciplinary challenges that have meaningful and sustainable impact. With an impressive portfolio of literary work on shows like “TINSEL” and “Ogas at the top” series, Sodienye brings his wealth of experience and prowess on board to assist in generating unique and engaging artistic concepts.


Omoyefe Majoroh

3d Generalist

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Efe is an animator and project manager. Her love for animation started pretty early and she has dedicated herself to growing in the art-form . Her dedication led her to the University of Bradford where she received a Master’s degree in Computer Animation and Visual effects. She brings a feminine touch to animation which helps her pay attention to detail that can usually be missed.