A lot has been going on here at Komotion Studios,so much that I really don’t have much time to type right now. We are currently producing an animated feature which we sincerely hope meets the standards we set for ourselves. We will be updating you with behind the scenes content and all our hits and misses as we go along. Stay tuned.


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  1. Afi

    Please let me know when this is released I am very interested! The trailer clip has me hanging! Great work

  2. Abidoye Oloyede

    Good day.
    I love your work and would like to commend you on everything you did on Dawn on thunder.
    I also appreciate the fact you are being culturally appropriate (the use of Yoruba).
    I have a question, have you guys considered an all inclusive angle. Such as having the dialogue in English/ pidgin as other tribes may feel included.

    Also would you guys also branch into folktales of other tribes and other key characters e.g Sinarbo etc.

    I would also be interested in how or if you guys would be trying to branch into live action movies (you lot becoming the next marvel)

    Apologies I just interested in and proud of your work

  3. Oladele

    Hello… I love ur concept of animation, it’s jes really fascinating. I have actually like to be part of a team working on 3D Animations and film making..
    I wish I cud be part of Komotion studio team..
    I really don’t mind to be part of ur team…

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