Hello my friend,

Are you excellent at a particular skill but haven’t found the right channel to unleash it yet? And no…We’re not talking about just Computer graphics stuff, animation or digital art (although that’s inclusive)…we’re talking about RAW, UNTAPPED TALENT. From singing, rapping, songwriting, sculpture, drawings, dancing, acting, playing instruments,making music, voice impersonations, fight choreography, dance choreography,  to balancing on one finger, drinking from your ear and even magic (ok, not those).

We love meeting new people and seeing how we can fuse interesting strengths, so we are creating the ultimate talent pool and forging creative partnerships that can yield a profit for everyone.

If you feel you have something special (you’re literally badass at what you do) and you are looking for who can turn that into an opportunity , contact us now on komotionstudios2@gmail.com and give us a brief summary of who you are, what you do, and you’re free to upload a sample or give us an online link to where we can access your talent . Let the subject of your mail be clear enough (for example: ILLEST SONGWRITER THAT EVER LIVETH). We are expecting to hear from you.

If you drink from your ear…no……. sorry, you’re too special for us to handle 🙂



  • Nwabuzor Chinweike Malachy
    September 11, 2017

    Hello, Ko motion studio!
    I am an Artist, a Sculptor, illustrator, painter, and a designer. I would love to learn more and partner with Komotion studio especially in the areas of graphic art and design. I have an unquenchable dreams for making 3d animations and most of my aspirations have been geared towards that more than anything. I will be glad if given opportunity to work with you. Thanks

  • Ezeh success
    October 5, 2017

    Hi KO motion studio
    My name is success Ezeh and am a script writer and all the movie script I have written I have always wanted it to be in 3d animation and getting to know You people I think is a great opportunity for me to partner with KO motion for great creativity

  • Olutimo Timothy Abayomi
    February 19, 2018

    hi, komotion studio..
    I am a visual artist a painter, an illustrator. I will love to be a part of the art studio and willing to learn more in the area of graphic designs. I will be grateful to partner with the komotion studios..

  • Fatogun Femisola
    April 26, 2018

    Hello Komotion Studios. I will love to know if an Internship opportunity is available. Will really love to intern here at your studio. And I believe I can add value while also learning. Thanks

  • mustafa abduljalil
    June 18, 2018

    Hello…I’ve been searching for a platform like this for a long time
    I am an artist,cartoonist,painter…I write movie scripts build character bio for movies,cartoons and video games but haven’t had a chance to put a out there sadly,i would be really glad and grateful if we can work together and make something happen.

  • Olawale Emmanuel Aiyeobasan
    October 31, 2019

    I was very happy and proud not just about the Dawn of Thunder animation, but the fact that it is in our native language which i have been yearning for.
    Great work!!!!

  • Jonathan West
    May 17, 2020

    Hi Komotion Studio.

    I am a CG Artist who is on the path here in the States. When I saw that Nigeria was coming online with their own CG productions, I raised my hands to the sky. Finally, the brothers over there are entering the market. In my own production, I used cloud rendering in the past but I have since built a small render farm. I’m very interested in how you are setup as well as your level of access to what’s available here. I bought premium sever units for around $200.00 piece because they were older. Given the power problems that exists in Nigeria, I am assuming that in-house rendering would be the best way to go.

    Anyway, have a look at my Youtube Channel. A website is coming soon. Please get in touch with me. I am locked in with a group of black men who are interesting in this type of thing. Perhaps set up an interview with some of the Youtubers over here. They would love to have you and we invest in each other. Who knows, you may find a bump in funding as well as other technical and artistic talents. There are lots of ex-pat Nigerians here who have never heard of Komotion but they have heard of Disney, Pixar, Marvel etc… It’s time to change all of that. Please, send me an email. We never know what you could possibly gain by a single interview without someone like BGS Ibmor, Art Nustal TV or Masculine Mercenaries, all black men and women who invest in ourselves. There is lots of technical and artistic talent there as well. We want to see Nigeria and all of Africa do well.

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