And so it begins!

We would like to welcome you to the realization of a life long dream, KOMOTION STUDIOS.

This production outfit is taking its first crucial steps and you’re welcome to watch us as we crawl, walk and eventually fly. It was honestly not easy getting to this point, and we know it won’t be easy getting to our destination, but each step we take gets us closer.

This company was built on the love of creating content that can affect people positively and make them feel something…anything. We are artists, we are storytellers, we are people with soul, put that in a bowl with technical experience and a hunger to do good stuff the right way, and you have a force that yields results that matter.

We also hope that through our growth we can give back to the Computer graphics, Animation and Visual effects industries in Nigeria.

We are ready to cause some KOMOTION, and you’re welcome to watch us have fun doing it.


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